Flipora: Providing A Content Discovery Service for an Interconnected Generation

Flipora, a content discovery website that uses artificial intelligence to determine which news sources consumers want their information from, has attracted a new $1.5 million round of investment from technology investors involved with Google AdSense, Powerset, Like.com, Funzio and Astor Data. This latest round of investment will allow the company to create an application called Discovery Engine for Android and iOS devices that they hope will reshape the search engine landscape. Advances in machine ‘deep learning’ and continued improvement of AI and proprietary technology mean that users may soon be able to have their data searches streamlined and their source preferences remembered by Discovery Engine.

Flipora combines this improved search capability with a social media aspect: users can connect with one another based on mutual specific interests, and can form online networks based on news source preference or knowledge level. This revolutionary concept occurred to co-founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan while they were still attending Stanford as graduate students, and the tech world latched on immediately. Flipora was able to raise an initial round of $3 million in 2010 based almost solely on the concept that engaged citizens want a search engine that categorizes results based on preference.

The advances that have been made in proprietary technology since that year have made the next logical step, a foray into the mobile smartphone world, not only possible but essential. Relevant content delivery is a crucial service in the current media landscape, where users have almost too much available content to peruse without wasting tons of time and effort. Flipora’s stated goal is to simplify the task of being an informed citizen, and cater to what its audience wants to see on their personal news platforms. The company believes that personalized experience should not only extend to products and services, and its executives are well on their way to revolutionizing the digital news landscape.

Status Labs to Help with Reputation Management Post Ashley Madison Hack

There is little more important on the internet than the safety of your private information. The internet is a wild frontier that many don’t fully realize as a dangerous place. We need only look to the recent hack over at Ashley Madison to see how condemning the loss of personal privacy can be. While the users registered at Ashley Madison are morally and ethically questionable, the erosion of their privacy from a supposedly secure website should give internet users pause.

Hackers compromised the Ashley Madison database last month and released all of the user information publicly to the internet. Ashley Madison is an affair orchestrating website that hooks up married individuals who want to cheat on their spouse. While the website’s content is detestable, it is still terrifying to think how easily they were hacked and compromised. The leaked information is having reverberating echoes of problems all across the internet for the users who lost their secure details.

With the names, credit card information, and address leaks out in public there have been many people trying to cash in on blackmail and extortion attempts. Police in Toronto have already reported several cases of anonymous users demanding payments via Bitcoin if the leaked users didn’t want their info going public all over the internet.

Unfortunately users really only have one shot at a clean reputation because the internet will run like wildfire with compromising content. Just look at how hard some celebrities try to contain their own personal condemning pictures — it never works. In an effort to level out the playing field and help these ‘victims’ the team at Status Labs has offered free aid to those involved with the Ashley Madison hack.

Status Labs is an online reputation management service that focuses on curating content in order to get the proper results that their clients want in the search engines. They can help bury information like that leaked on the Ashley Madison database. Status Labs believes in second chances and wants to help these people, who really have nowhere to turn to, find some sort of normalcy in the wake of the hack.

Dr Jennifer Walden Is an Inspiration to Women Who Aspire to Be Doctors

Dr Jennifer Walden currently runs a medical practice in the West Lake Hills suburb of Austin, Texas. Her practice is known as the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, and it is located at the Westlake Medical Center. Here, she mainly specializes in procedures that help women look and feel better. She does breast enlargements, eyelid lifts, face-lifts, nose jobs and liposuction as well as Botox injections just to name a few of the procedures regularly done at her practice.

Dr. Walden has been doing plastic surgery for eight years. Soon after finishing a residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she moved to Manhattan where she built a successful practice following a prestigious fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. After seven and a half years in Manhattan, she moved back to the Austin, Texas area in December of 2011. This came after the birth of her twin sons, and she said the move was so that they could be closer to family in her native Texas.

Dr Jennifer Walden has had her share of rather impressive accolades throughout her career in the cosmetic surgery field. She is on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has had numerous articles in her field of expertise published in medical journals. She is co-author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and her opinion is sought after in the media. She regularly appears as a guest on national news channels and shows including Fox News Channel, ABC’s 20/20 and The Today Show. She has been quoted in numerous publications on the subject of cosmetic surgery, and in 2014, she was recognized by Texas Monthly as one of their Texas Super Doctors.

Even more important than her accolades and accomplishments seems to be the difference she is making in women’s lives. About 90 percent of the people who get plastic surgery are women, and the vast majority of them say they feel more comfortable talking about any perceived physical short comings with another woman. As a woman who has had some cosmetic surgery herself, she feels she can relate better to her patients than many other doctors in this largely male-dominated profession. She is making a difference in women’s lives in and around Austin, Texas, and it must be incredibly rewarding to be at the top of her profession while helping women feel better about themselves and also serving as a role model for other women looking to break into this lucrative field in the medical profession.

The Surge of Investing in Brazil


Brazil is one of the fastest growing countries in the world today. There are few places that have been able to achieve the economic growth rate of Brazil over a long period of time. This economic growth has made many investors around the world interested in putting money in to the growing country. With interest rates near zero around the world, it can be difficult to find a high rate of return in other markets. There are many reasons that Brazil represents a great growth opportunity around the world. Not only is their economy starting to grow at a rapid rate, but their population is growing and getting more educated along the way as well. Here are some of the biggest reasons for investors around the world to start looking to invest in Brazil.

Rate of Return

Rate of return is the most important metric that any investor has for their portfolio. At the end of the day, the higher the rate of return the more quickly a portfolio is going to grow in size. Anyone that is looking to increase the rate of return in their portfolio should consider adding funds from Brazil. There are many investors around the world that have done so over the past couple of years. Measured against other nations like the United States or China, Brazil has one of the best cases for investors that are looking for an extended period of high growth rates in their portfolio.

Economic Growth

Brazil has been a story of accelerated economic growth over the past decade. There are few countries around the world that have sustained the level of growth that Brazil has. This means that anyone investing in the country will get to experience this growth as well. As the population in the country continues to become more educated, many people expect the size of the middle class to increase in the country as well. This will be a huge consumer base that will be able to afford to purchase luxuries for the first time in many years. A lot of businesses are starting to advertise in Brazil for this reason.

Zeca Oliveira

Zeca Oliveira is one of the best investors in the nation of Brazil. Few people have been able to sustain the high rate of returns that Zeca Oliveira has in his career as an investor. Anyone that is looking to add Brazil to their portfolio as a way to increase their rate of return should listen to the advice of Zeca Oliveira on the subject.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brazil is one of the best countries in the world for investors to put their capital in if they are looking for high growth options in their portfolio. There are few places over the past couple of years that have offered the high returns that Brazil has. Zeca Oliveira is one of the leading voices on investing in Brazil, and anyone that is thinking about investing in the country should listen to his advice.

Flipora has a bright technological Future in Social Media Content

What is it about Flipora that can enhance your experience with your Android, iPad, iPhone or tablet internet search? A lot. Flipora founders Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan invented an app that recommends content based on what your interests are as well as your friends.
Social media is changing so much, so fast. Flipora is defined as social discovery in new web content. Using the Flipora service, users can pick from 57 topics, those most suitable to their interests. What other users find interesting makes up the content inside Flipora.

But Flipora is different from Facebook or Twitter as far as surfing to discover new web content. Flipora operates inside of users’ browsers and shares a common view of what users’ web surfing habits are. This produces data on the popularity of websites also.
Flipora is a social media signal. But it is significantly more personalized than other social networking sites. This site makes the user glad he spent time on it, it almost seems like a home away from home. There are a variety of ways to get recommendations on finding a topic that holds your interest. You can refer to friends, look for user reviews or type in some past favorite things or preference. If you do this, you can build what’s called a “taste” profile. The best way to get recommendations is to evaluate as many user as possible, analyzing everything he has done and how much he liked it.

Flipora is private, but by default. There are no sites behind a password. If you want to blacklist sites, that is possible using Firefox. The cloud will not deliver the sites based on your request.

Google bases research results on the web histories of users. If Google attempted to do what Flipora has done, there would be a lot of freaked out users. Flipora has been compared to StumbleUpon, because when the web pages are clicked, the recommendations change. Users can choose to follow broader topics and people if they are looking for a particular item. For users who like to make theories about the future of the internet, Flipora has some buzzward bingo squares that include interest versus social graphs and discovery versus search.

Based on users histories, Flipora launched a real time search engine but this was halted because, according to its founders, they did not want to be a small improvement for Google Search only. So, they pursued the other side of the pasture and used discovery.
Flipora’s base is in Sunnyvale and has accumulated quite a few investors, raising $3million in funding. For users who want Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer to track their behavior, an add-on can be made on the browser.

The Vital Role of Spirituality in Business


If you have never thought of the role that spirituality plays in business, then sit back. If you have previously downplayed its role, sit back as well and see the crucial facts that you overlooked. Religion is a principle pillar in virtually all fields of life. When strictly adhered to particularly in business, it results to tremendous success.
Virtually all kinds of religions advocate for total discipline in private and religious activities. In business, you have to observe strict discipline when it comes to operations and spending of the available money. Religious business persons are likely to thrive in business since they are unlikely to misuse business money or mistreat their employees. Most religious businessmen are normally sensitive when dealing with clients of diverse faiths since they understand what spirituality entails to. Consequently, their clients will keep coming back and referring others in appreciation for the entrepreneurs’ respect for their religion.
Honesty and Integrity
Religious business people are normally honest with their clients since they are inspired by their faiths. Honesty, which yields integrity, is a vital factor in any business. Clients will always deal with the business people they trust most and will also refer other potential customers to the enterprise. Most business people who are known to prescribe to no religion are never trusted by potential clients and most of them are quick to short-change their clients since they lak the spiritual inspiration.
As a businessman, when you are a staunch follower of a certain faith, you will notice that other followers of your faith will prefer you over your competitors of other faiths. They will be more comfortable when dealing with you since they believe that you can understand them better. They can also do that to elevate you, since they consider you as one of their own. Therefore, you are assured of a block of clientele from your religion. If you subscribe to no faith, you will lack any block of clientele that will be loyal to your business.
A good example of entrepreneurs who have thrived tremendously due to their open inclination of their spirituality in business is Joseph Bismark. Bismark Co-Founded the QI Limited in the year 1998. He has been the firm’s Managing Director from December 2008. The religious entrepreneur was instrumental in building a solid foundation for the upward growth of mega firm. He is credited for being a dynamic, talented and a versatile leader. His open and highly consultative management approach is anchored around the principles of the vedic philosophies. He shaped into this spirituality in a pretty unique upbringing. Bismark also serves as a Director in the QI Limited. He is a staunch promoter of healthy living as well as a firm believer in spiritual growth which is acquired through sincere service to the humankind. Mr. Bismark devotes a substantial part of his time in the activities of the RYTHM Foundation. RYTHM is the Corporate Social Responsibility branch of the QI Limited.

Sergio Cortes Continues to Impress Michael Jackson Fans

When it comes to impersonators for Michael Jackson I believe that Sergio Cortes is one of the best around. I have seen a lot of people make attempts to do an MJ performances, but there are few people that actually look the part.

Sergio Cortes is from Brazil, and he has managed to provide die hard fans of Michael Jackson with a spot on performance in so many ways. He has become one of the my favorite performers. I don’t believe that there is anyone else that has the moves that he has. This is what has made him stand out as one of the best in the industry. There is a lot of time that has been taken to perform the Jackson routines. This is obviously something that he does for a living, and it has become quite lucrative.

There are a lot of people that are interested in seeing Sergio Cortes perform. He has the footwork. He has the ability to get into character when he is playing Michael. The mannerisms are there. The vocals are in place. He has perfected this, and I that is why I think he may be the best Michael Jackson performer alive. I have seen his performance of “Smooth Criminal” and “Man in the Mirror,” and two of these are my favorites. In all the time that I have been able to see entertainers it is Sergio Cortes that has made me feel like I was getting my money’s worth.

There really is nothing like having someone that can deliver every time. I appreciate this because Michael Jackson has music that is timeless. His legacy needs to live on. Sergio has found a way to do this. Jackson was a bit of a perfectionist himself so people that impersonate him have to be willing to commit the time to it. Anyone that has seen Jackson on the stage when he was alive knows how much dancing that he was able to do. They know how the famous moonwalk dancing that he did. They know how he had lots of dancers for songs like “The Way You Make Me Feel” and “Smooth Criminal.” He has this whole catalog that is simply amazing. When people choose to take him on they have to really be able to study Michael Jackson throughout the decades.

Sergio Cortes certainly has been able to put forth a cool type of show that highlights the best of Jackson. When most people see him they think that they are seeing a ghost of Michael Jackson. This is just how much effort he has taken to look like the person he is impersonating. That is why he is so successful with this.

Bruce Levenson’s Accomplishments

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. on October 1, 1949, but spent most of his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is married to Karen Boyarsky and together they have three children. Levenson studied law at Washington University and the American University. After he graduated with honors he began is work as a journalist at Washington Star. After a few years Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group in 1977. The company first began in Levenson’s apartment located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. United Communications Group released publications that focused on oil industry news and development. As their company grew they also covered oil prices, healthcare, technology, mortgage banking, and telecommunications. They even have a mobile application, GasBuddy, that helps find local low gas prices. Later in 2004, Levenson and Ed Peskowitz became majority owners of Atlanta Hawks basketball team, the Atlanta Thrashers, and the Phillips Arena. In 2010 Levenson and his wife began working on the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Once finished it provided education to students who are interested in philanthropy and teaches them how to run nonprofit organizations. The Atlanta Thrashers NHL team were sold in 2011. This is also when Levenson began to manage the team and became one of the members of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2012, Levenson brought on Danny Ferry, who played and held a managerial position for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He became the President of Atlanta Hawk basketball operations just by going off Wikipedia. In 2013, many American Jews, including Bruce Levenson, wrote to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel,in an attempt to get the leader to work with John Kerry on issues of Israel’s security. In 2014, Levenson took the Atlanta Hawks to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in the nations capital where Levenson is a founding donor. His wife’s mother is a survivor of the Holocaust, so it is and event that is very close to his family.


He focuses on the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program, which works with inner city students, teaching them about the Holocaust while also teaching them to spread the knowledge to those they might meet. He has also worked with many other organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the Washington chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation. At the end of 2014, Bruce Levenson announced that he was going to sell his portion of Atlanta Hawks ownership so he could send time on other philanthropic endeavors and his family.

A Brief Overview of BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a private investment firm that offers a number of trust services in financial markets as well as private loans to individual borrowers. This Brazilian company was founded in 2005 and has been able to provide hundreds of loans for different borrowers during that they. They work with individuals as well as corporate borrowers and banks. They are located in sunny Sao Paolo, Brazil but have networks and contacts globally and offer borrowing and capital services all across the world.

While being founded in 2005 after just one year involved in capital markets and intervening trusts BRL Trust had developed a huge loan portfolio when compared to similar sized competitors. They have since moved into many more different areas of operation. They have an investment fund that they administrate and manage and also offer those services to other funds.

They do M/E or mergers/acquisitions which involves the takeover of struggling companies or companies that are needed to shore up a corporate portfolio. They are also involved in capital market acquisition. However since they are regulated with a reputation to uphold all divisions are operated separately so that BRL Trust can offer the same services to many different clients who may or may not have diverging interests.

In fact the BRL Trust Investments Group is currently is actually the most far reaching investing fund administrators in the entire country of Brazil which has been reported by numerous fund trackers and publications.

BRL Trust has made a significant mark on Brazilian and worldwide capital markets and they show no sign of stopping. Since having rapid growth in a few short years can be a good way to predict things to come it is not hard to believe that BRL Trust will grow to service even more foreign and domestic portfolios in the future.

They have jumped into different markets during their entire tenure so it also seems logical to assume that they will not stick with the business they are currently running exclusively. If they can demonstrate the excellence and forward thinking that they have applied to capital markets as well as investment trust management they should have no problem moving forward with rapid growth into other arenas. Since they have already managed to take over the Brazilian administrative trust markets it makes sense to branch out internationally and offer the same services to different people across the globe.

The Successful Investment Strategies Of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor from Brazil. He has made a lot of money through the stock market. However, he didn’t do this through simple luck. Contrary to a widespread myth, investing in stocks is nothing like gambling. There are effective strategies that can be used to maximize your interest. In fact, investments are a commitment that you make for a long period of time. You must choose your stocks carefully and hold on to them until the appropriate time. Igor Cornelsen was very aware of this, and he used the appropriate strategies. Of course, luck still does play a role in investments. Not everyone will be as successful as Igor Cornelsen.

He did not invest some money, hoping to hit it big overnight. This rarely happens when it comes to the stock market, and it was not how Igor Cornelesen was successful. He invested for the long term. This is what would work best for you. He has held his investments for many years.

He also looked for companies that were not new. New companies are risky. They may take off. However, there is also a good chance they could go under. It is safer to invest in companies that have a record of being successful. These companies often tend to provide consistent gains in stock value over the years.

Also, he did not invest large sums of money all at once. This is a risky practice. If the investments do not do well, you would have lost a large amount right from the start. Investing small amounts allows for you to put a bit into the investments, without breaking the bank in the here and now.

Another thing to look for in companies is sudden and unusual changes. When a company has exceptionally high executive pay, they may be about to go under. When rapid shifts in corporate leaders happens, this is also a danger sign. Avoid investing in companies that show danger signs for collapse. He is a big believer in this strategy.

It’s also extremely important to avoid placing your stocks in a single place. He is a big believer in this theory. Without this, he likely would not have been anywhere near as successful as he was. Place your stocks in a variety of sectors and corporations. One company can crash and burn. However, dozens of companies in a variety of sectors are unlikely to all crash and burn.