Bruce Levenson’s Accomplishments

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington D.C. on October 1, 1949, but spent most of his childhood in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is married to Karen Boyarsky and together they have three children. Levenson studied law at Washington University and the American University. After he graduated with honors he began is work as a journalist at Washington Star. After a few years Levenson and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded United Communications Group in 1977. The company first began in Levenson’s apartment located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. United Communications Group released publications that focused on oil industry news and development. As their company grew they also covered oil prices, healthcare, technology, mortgage banking, and telecommunications. They even have a mobile application, GasBuddy, that helps find local low gas prices. Later in 2004, Levenson and Ed Peskowitz became majority owners of Atlanta Hawks basketball team, the Atlanta Thrashers, and the Phillips Arena. In 2010 Levenson and his wife began working on the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Once finished it provided education to students who are interested in philanthropy and teaches them how to run nonprofit organizations. The Atlanta Thrashers NHL team were sold in 2011. This is also when Levenson began to manage the team and became one of the members of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2012, Levenson brought on Danny Ferry, who played and held a managerial position for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He became the President of Atlanta Hawk basketball operations just by going off Wikipedia. In 2013, many American Jews, including Bruce Levenson, wrote to Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel,in an attempt to get the leader to work with John Kerry on issues of Israel’s security. In 2014, Levenson took the Atlanta Hawks to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in the nations capital where Levenson is a founding donor. His wife’s mother is a survivor of the Holocaust, so it is and event that is very close to his family.


He focuses on the Museum’s Bringing the Lessons Home program, which works with inner city students, teaching them about the Holocaust while also teaching them to spread the knowledge to those they might meet. He has also worked with many other organizations such as the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C., the Hoop Dreams Foundation, and the Washington chapter of the I Have a Dream Foundation. At the end of 2014, Bruce Levenson announced that he was going to sell his portion of Atlanta Hawks ownership so he could send time on other philanthropic endeavors and his family.

A Brief Overview of BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a private investment firm that offers a number of trust services in financial markets as well as private loans to individual borrowers. This Brazilian company was founded in 2005 and has been able to provide hundreds of loans for different borrowers during that they. They work with individuals as well as corporate borrowers and banks. They are located in sunny Sao Paolo, Brazil but have networks and contacts globally and offer borrowing and capital services all across the world.

While being founded in 2005 after just one year involved in capital markets and intervening trusts BRL Trust had developed a huge loan portfolio when compared to similar sized competitors. They have since moved into many more different areas of operation. They have an investment fund that they administrate and manage and also offer those services to other funds.

They do M/E or mergers/acquisitions which involves the takeover of struggling companies or companies that are needed to shore up a corporate portfolio. They are also involved in capital market acquisition. However since they are regulated with a reputation to uphold all divisions are operated separately so that BRL Trust can offer the same services to many different clients who may or may not have diverging interests.

In fact the BRL Trust Investments Group is currently is actually the most far reaching investing fund administrators in the entire country of Brazil which has been reported by numerous fund trackers and publications.

BRL Trust has made a significant mark on Brazilian and worldwide capital markets and they show no sign of stopping. Since having rapid growth in a few short years can be a good way to predict things to come it is not hard to believe that BRL Trust will grow to service even more foreign and domestic portfolios in the future.

They have jumped into different markets during their entire tenure so it also seems logical to assume that they will not stick with the business they are currently running exclusively. If they can demonstrate the excellence and forward thinking that they have applied to capital markets as well as investment trust management they should have no problem moving forward with rapid growth into other arenas. Since they have already managed to take over the Brazilian administrative trust markets it makes sense to branch out internationally and offer the same services to different people across the globe.

The Successful Investment Strategies Of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor from Brazil. He has made a lot of money through the stock market. However, he didn’t do this through simple luck. Contrary to a widespread myth, investing in stocks is nothing like gambling. There are effective strategies that can be used to maximize your interest. In fact, investments are a commitment that you make for a long period of time. You must choose your stocks carefully and hold on to them until the appropriate time. Igor Cornelsen was very aware of this, and he used the appropriate strategies. Of course, luck still does play a role in investments. Not everyone will be as successful as Igor Cornelsen.

He did not invest some money, hoping to hit it big overnight. This rarely happens when it comes to the stock market, and it was not how Igor Cornelesen was successful. He invested for the long term. This is what would work best for you. He has held his investments for many years.

He also looked for companies that were not new. New companies are risky. They may take off. However, there is also a good chance they could go under. It is safer to invest in companies that have a record of being successful. These companies often tend to provide consistent gains in stock value over the years.

Also, he did not invest large sums of money all at once. This is a risky practice. If the investments do not do well, you would have lost a large amount right from the start. Investing small amounts allows for you to put a bit into the investments, without breaking the bank in the here and now.

Another thing to look for in companies is sudden and unusual changes. When a company has exceptionally high executive pay, they may be about to go under. When rapid shifts in corporate leaders happens, this is also a danger sign. Avoid investing in companies that show danger signs for collapse. He is a big believer in this strategy.

It’s also extremely important to avoid placing your stocks in a single place. He is a big believer in this theory. Without this, he likely would not have been anywhere near as successful as he was. Place your stocks in a variety of sectors and corporations. One company can crash and burn. However, dozens of companies in a variety of sectors are unlikely to all crash and burn.

How to Get Arms like Matt Landis

matt landis guns

Let’s face it, we’re all jealous of those guns that Matt Landis is sporting. Not only is the college athlete in amazing shape, but his arms have definition that only most of us could dream of achieving. Well, that dream can be achieved, and all without having to set foot in a gym. Thanks to an article on, all of us can achieve the Matt Landis toned arm look that we want for the summer just by using equipment we have lying around the house. Just knowing how to do some simple exercises can help to strengthen and tone your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.


Doing inverted rows will help to strengthen your shoulders. This exercise can be done either at home or on a playground. You will need a bar that can be set about 2-3 feet off the ground. Lie under the bar, with your knees bent and feet firmly on the ground. Place your hands on the bar a little further than shoulder length apart. Pull your torso towards the bar while keeping your back straight.


Performing tricep dips will help tone and strengthen the muscle. To do tricep dips, sit on a chair with your hands on either side of the front. Scoot your butt forward until it is off the chair but your hands are still resting on it behind you. Lower your body until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle then push back up until your butt and chair are level.


Chin-ups are a great way to build the bicep. Find a bar that is secure and high enough to pull yourself up on. Continue until you are tired or swinging your body to reach the top. Do as many as you can in a set.